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The retail market is getting bigger and bigger day by day so what do you think, is this easy to compete? But to be honest it isn’t, if CBM got your back covered. We are providing the most amazing retail boxes to all of the retail industry and want to let you grow. 

We know the competition is at its peak so it’s not as much easier to compete as you are thinking. But it could be possible with our experienced packaging experts who have helped so many businesses to be successful even in this tough competition. And have provided retail boxes packaging to many small and large enterprises all over the UK.

Want to know the secret behind it? Let’s make it simpler and easier to understand for you how our experts can make it happen for you. Let’s discuss the types of retail boxes first which kind of boxes you can have?   

Types of Retail Boxes

First, we would love to let you know that we aren’t restricted in any of the styles and designs and the rest of the factors so you can have any of the design, style and rest of the factors.   


  • Folding cartons are versatile, cost-effective solutions suitable for a wide range of products. You can simply fold them and can also use them accordingly. Their folding capability can make it a bit easier for you to manage to use them for your different products. 


We will produce them according to the given instructions because we know all of the businesses have different products which need custom retail boxes accordingly.  


  • Rigid boxes offer premium packaging options, ideal for luxury or fragile items. These boxes are specially designed and manufactured for especially premium products. All of the mega brands always try their best to have these types of boxes to maintain their business standard along with their sales ratio. These kinds of retail boxes wholesale are also the perfect packaging for all fragile products which need some extra care and that’s what you can have with all of these rigid boxes for your retail products.


  • Corrugated boxes provide sturdy and durable packaging, suitable for shipping and protecting heavier or bulkier items. It’s all on you whatever you want to go with according to the nature of your products.   


  • Display boxes are designed to showcase products attractively on shelves or countertops, enhancing their visibility and appeal. That will be game-changing for you if you want to make your products look more enticing and customer-engaging.   


  • Speciality boxes include unique designs like window boxes or pillow boxes, catering to specific product requirements or aesthetic preferences. Or you can choose any of them according to your product nature that will be the most suitable for you. 


  • Cardboard: It’s a common choice for retail boxes due to its versatility, strength, and eco-friendliness. And majorly used in almost all the businesses in the UK.  
  • Kraft Paper: It is a sustainable option, offering a natural and rustic look while maintaining durability along with your business standards but if your product’s nature demands this type of packaging then you have to go with it.
  • Corrugated Board: This packaging material provides added protection with its fluted inner layer, which keeps your products safer while shipping of your products.   
  • Recycled materials: They contribute to eco-friendly packaging solutions, appealing to environmentally conscious businesses which want to have eco-conscious people who aren’t very interested in buying non-eco friendly boxes.  


Speciality papers, such as metallic or textured papers, offer unique visual and tactile effects for premium branding. 

Add-ons and Customization

Want to make your packaging look more interesting? Let’s get this done together. All of these are the add-on and the rest of the aspects to make your packaging look more alluring. 

  • Printing techniques like offset, digital, or flexographic printing enable businesses to showcase their branding elements effectively. And that’s the point where you can differentiate from the competitors.
  • Embossing and debossing add texture and depth to the packaging, enhancing the visual appeal and perceived value of the product.    
  • Foil stamping provides a luxurious and eye-catching finish, perfect for highlighting logos or important details for the customers to make your custom retail packaging a good marketing tool.  
  • Die-cut windows will let you have a window on any side of your packaging. This will give a clear view of your product and that’s how we make things more important for you. 
  • Handles and inserts add functionality and convenience to retail boxes, making them easier to carry or enhancing the presentation of multiple items. That’s another best way to grab customers’ satisfaction by providing them with ease which makes us exceptional retail packaging suppliers. 
  • Coatings like gloss, matte, or soft-touch coatings provide different tactile sensations, enhancing the overall look and feel of the packaging. All of these coatings on your retail packaging box will be done differently because all of them have different effects.  


Branding elements such as logos, colours, and slogans are integrated into the design to reinforce brand identity and recognition. That’s why our experts will surely be going to ask your requirements about the designs along with the rest of the factors. 

  • Structural design options like tuck end, reverse tuck end, or sleeve designs offer different opening and closing mechanisms, catering to various product requirements and user experiences. You can have any of them just discuss things with our experts and deliver the instructions accordingly. 
  • Custom shapes and sizes allow businesses to create unique packaging solutions tailored to their specific products or branding concepts. And that’s how you can shape it according to your requirements. 
  • Graphic design elements like illustrations or patterns are incorporated to complement the overall aesthetic and storytelling of the packaging design.

Benefits For Businesses

Let’s have a look at the benefits that all retail businesses can have by using our retail packaging boxes. 


  • Brand visibility and recognition are increased through customized packaging solutions that effectively showcase brand identity and messaging. Which we convey in a very professional and enticing enough to convince the things. So you need to hit us up for retail packaging solutions which you can have anywhere in the UK.  


  • Product protection and durability ensure that goods arrive intact and in pristine condition, minimizing returns and customer dissatisfaction. Because nothing will be more disturbing for the customers if they have your product in the broken form. 


  • Differentiation in the market is achieved through unique printed retail boxes designs and materials that set businesses apart from competitors and attract consumer attention. The design and the rest of the factors like shapes are designed in such a beautiful way so you so it might be much easier for you to get this done.  


  • Eco-friendly options demonstrate corporate social responsibility and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, enhancing brand reputation. And you also grab many of the customers because of this who love to keep nature clean. We are only providing eco-friendly retail packaging.    


  • Cost-effective packaging solutions help businesses optimize their packaging budget while maintaining the quality and functionality of their retail boxes uk. We have made the packaging easy to afford so you can put the rest of your focus on the other aspects of your business to grow it.     


  • Customization for seasonal or promotional campaigns allows businesses to adapt their packaging to specific marketing initiatives and maximize impact. So you can have any of your desired packaging according to the current season. 

B2B Focus

Bulk ordering options enable businesses to purchase retail boxes in large quantities, ensuring consistent supply and cost savings.

Wholesale pricing and discounts provide competitive pricing advantages for businesses purchasing retail boxes in bulk which can be a positive aspect for them too. 

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