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After receiving your order we cross-check all your specifications, manufacture the product, run a quality control, and ship it free of cost to your destination.

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CBM - Your Premium Custom Packaging Solution Provider in the UK

At CBM, we craft premium packaging that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Every business has a story that needs to be worth presenting and that’s what we are offering to all over the United Kingdom. 

Nothing could be more blissful for a business to have packaging experts, after years of experience our experts are efficient enough to let you have something different to give a tough competition to your competitors.

What’s Special In Us 

Packaging plays a key role in building businesses and putting them on the right track. Experienced manufacturers can let you use your product packaging as the most strong marketing tool. We are different from the rest of the manufacturers because of many reasons. 

We got all the modern techniques to come up with something unique. Let’s make it more interesting to know how our work and experts are special for your business.   

Our Services

  • Design Consultation: Collaborate with our experts to bring your packaging vision to life. It’s super simple, all you need to do is just share all of your requirements with our experts and they will get this done for you accordingly.   
  • Packaging Production: From concept to creation, we handle every process step but we also prioritize your amendments and make your custom boxes more personalized to your business standards. 
  • Brand Enhancement: Make a statement with packaging that enhances your brand image by our work quality. For this, our experts will surely be going to ask for certain things like your brand’s logo, slogans, and the rest of the things.    
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Explore sustainable packaging solutions for environmentally conscious businesses. Our experts are always in touch with the modern trends to follow along with the customer analysis which makes it much easier to know what the customers are looking for and we need to provide accordingly.  

Highly Sustainable Materials

We know you are curious to know about the material we are offering. Nothing is more important than having the most sustainable packaging that can bear all the environmental and the rest of the damages while shipping to maintain your business standards.

You can’t have custom boxes in the United Kingdom by using any of the low-quality materials that’s why we always prefer to have high-quality materials so you can have the rest of the manufacturing more satisfactory and unmatchable. We have the following materials and many other subvarieties in them to make things more budget-friendly without losing the quality.       

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft paper
  • Recycled materials
  • Biodegradable options
  • Rigid 
  • Bux board 
  • Chipboard 

When you come in contact with our experts they will surely ask certain questions and material selection will also be one of them. If you need clarification just ask our experts for assistance who are 24/7 available to serve and to make things more clear and beneficial for you. Let’s move towards the next perspective which you need to know.     


We never take printing as casual or ordinary because that’s the exact point where you convey your message. We follow both of these printing patterns according to the customer’s demands and needs which are what they are looking for.  

  • CMYK Model 
  • PMS Model 

Custom printing options make your custom boxes for products look more engaging and relevant to your brand. How can you make any of the random packaging with plan printing look more relevant to your brand? That’s why we prefer to print your brand’s logo along with slogans and the rest of the things to make this packaging look more concerned with your brand.    

  • Full-color printing: All of the options are always there you can have any of the specific spots where you can print custom boxes or can also go for full-colour printing to make them look more enticing.  


  • Customizable designs and graphics: Another interesting thing, nothing is fixed we have, all of the elements are easy and open to customize like designs and graphics.

You can have any of the desired designs, all you need to do is first you need to choose from the boxes by styles mentioned on our site, or ask our designers to make something new or if you have any ideas so can take the help to give meaning to your thoughts.  


Now it’s time to make the printed version of your packaging look more enticing with a perfect finish. 

  • Matte or glossy finish: You can make your custom boxes with logo look bright and shiny with glossy finishing or can also give a matte look which is totally up to you. We prefer our customers to have their desired perspectives so they can have perfection in them.
  • Clay coating: That’s another quality finishing where we cover the surface of your packaging with refined clay to make its surface more smooth and pleasant to touch.   
  • Aqueous coating: It’s a water-based coating used to make your packaging more environmentally friendly and dries quickly. You can also have this type of coating for custom packaging printing for any of the required products for glossy or soft touch too.     
  • Silkscreen: You can give a silk touch to your packaging which will be more satisfactory for your customers to have a different touch. 

Customization Options

What do you think about which kind of customization we are offering to you? This is also a very key point that all of the manufacturers may not be providing your custom boxes for packaging. 

Doesn’t matter which kind of business you are running and from where you belong in UK, feel free to contact us and get the most amazing custom boxes wholesale for your products and can have your brand’s logo and the rest of the information. 

Getting confused? No worries we got your back covered. You can ask our experts for help to know how about the things that should be visible on the packaging to make it more impactful. Even our experts will also let you know which kind of customization will make your packaging the most powerful marketing tool for the growth of your business.   

  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Designs
  • graphics
  • Branding and logo placement
  • Finishes
  • Textures

All of these factors are easy to customise for us and we prefer all of you to get this done to make your dreams come true. Always keep in mind that all of you might be dealing with different businesses so you need to do a basic analysis of your product so you will get to know what your customers looking for in your product packaging. 

We will make your packaging a strong marketing tool so you can advertise your brand to get more recognition and sells which is the ultimate goal of all businesses.    

Industries We Serve

  • Retail: Stand out on the shelves with eye-catching packaging that attracts customers. It’s a huge industry along with the huge competition. We the experts have years of experience and know all the ways and tactics to make your custom boxes with logo UK more engaging according to the customer’s desires. In simple words, our experts make it easy to understand for your customers through packaging what they are selling. 
  • E-commerce: Impress online shoppers with packaging that ensures safe delivery and enhances unboxing experiences. Because in the current period, e-commerce is getting hype and people are selling their products online. As being an e-commerce business expert you might be familiar with all of the customer’s demands and issues. 

A safe product is the major one for your brand’s image and customer satisfaction. That’s what we can provide and make sure that your product will be safe while shipping with our custom boxes packaging. 

  • Food & Beverage: Preserve freshness and showcase your products with bespoke boxes in the United Kingdom and can also have many varieties, insertions, and the rest of them to make them look more enticing. Their packaging is compulsory to keep your food and beverages organized and to maintain their freshness and taste.    

Any of the businesses can have bespoke boxes uk to strengthen their presence and to let them grow with a higher customer retention rate. 

  • Luxury Brands: Elevate your brand’s prestige with custom packaging that exudes elegance and sophistication. We know all of the brands have their business standards and no one wants to have any low-quality packaging which can be a bad thing for their image. 

Our experts always take all of your aspects very seriously even though the minor ones because we want to let you grow and have more business. But make sure when our experts offer the material to choose, so choose it wisely or take their help because according to our experience only the premium quality material can make a difference.     

Why Choose CBM

We know this question is hitting everyone’s mind and all of you are much more curious to know. Even in all of the above-mentioned information we have explained the majority of the things in an easy-to-understand way.  

But no worries have a look at the further elaboration of the aspects to make it much simpler for you to know why you need to choose CBM.   

  • Unmatched Expertise: Benefit from years of experience and industry knowledge experts who have done this hundreds of times and have helped hundreds of businesses all over the UK and let them get their desired results. You can have custom packaging for small businesses or any of the larger enterprises too, so any of you can have our services. 

As you can have a look at the customer reviews which is clearly showing how impactful our packaging could be. So what are you waiting for just use our experienced experts to make your packaging exceptional among the rest of your competitors because all of our experts are already familiar with the new trends and know very well what your customers are looking for. That’s the only way to take your business to the top. So let’s grow together and make ourselves worth existing.    

  • Customized Solutions: Tailored packaging solutions designed to reflect your brand identity because of the customization. You can have any of the aspects customised according to your brand. We prefer all of the businesses to put their brand names, logos, and the rest of the product information. 

Apart from this, you need to provide the basic information and requirements which our experts will surely be going to ask even your product size, design, and the rest of the things. Because we like to get your work done more professionally and to help you in getting more clients.     

  • Quality Assurance: Ensure your products are presented in top-notch packaging every time. According to deeper research business without presentation is nothing. You have to present your product in a better way to make sure it’s quality and worth buying for the customers.      
  • Competitive Pricing: Get premium packaging without breaking the bank. Many of you have spent and are still spending so much budget but we can make your packaging useable as a strong marketing tool. You can order custom printed boxes with no minimum UK less than 100 and there isn’t any limit to go maximum. 

Have you seen all of the brands focusing on their packaging letting more people know about their existence and strengthening your customer relationship? The same is the thing which we can make happen for you on a very easy-to-afford budget. 

  • Reliable Service: Count on us for prompt delivery and exceptional customer support which is available in your service 24/7. The best thing is you guys can ask for any of the required help from our experts so they can turn your thoughts into work more professionally for manufacturing custom printed boxes uk.   

Your orders will be delivered within 6 to 8 working days but it could be faster according to your requirements so our experts will get this done accordingly but you need to give complete information about the delivery time and the rest of the information asked by our experts. 

Get in Touch

Ready to elevate your brand with Custom Boxes Market? Contact us today for a consultation and to order the most professionally crafted custom boxes for any of your businesses if you are interested in making your business presence stronger than before.  

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